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IntegraNet Health’s Care Coordination Refocuses Attention on Patients, While Alleviating Primary Care Physicians by using dedicated medical staff at the medical home and at the hospital, IntegraNet Health helps physicians remain focused on their clinical practices and improve patient care at the same time.

Medical Home

A medical home is a 24/7 primary care access point and the primary source of the most routine medical care received by patients. It’s designed to be a cost-effective, primary care alternative to the emergency room and hospital setting. It consists of a home-based nurse or nurse practitioner and the primary care practitioner’s office. The medical home’s goal is to steadily improve the health and wellbeing of its patients, while reducing the overall costs of delivering medical care.

So how does it work? A nurse practitioner is notified of the need for a home visit. The home visit consists of an environmental assessment, a physical exam, a medication review, member education and an assessment of home care needs.

The medical home concept reinforces the idea that trained medical staff can support patients and report back to the primary care physician without taxing that physician with one-off inquiries and excessive doctor visits. Case managers are also available by phone for at-risk patients. This model improves overall patient health by regularly monitoring patient progress, providing continuous feedback to the patient’s team of physicians and allowing physicians to devote more time to office patients. The continuity of care for our patients is stellar.

Hospitalist Program

IntegraNet Health also works with hospitalists or physicians specializing in the care of hospitalized patients. Hospitalists provide more individualized and coordinated care for the hospitalized patient, while alleviating the time and financial constraints for primary care physicians.

Research shows that hospitalists reduce the length of stay and treatment costs as well as improve the overall efficiency of care for hospitalized patients. These key individuals are leaders on several quality improvement initiatives in areas such as transition of care, co-management of patients, reduction of hospital-acquired diseases and optimal patient care.

Advantages for Physicians:

Comfort knowing hospitalists can see patients and family members more than once daily
Time and financial constraints of physician are alleviated
Ability to concentrate on clinical practice, rather than making hospital rounds
Patient feedback delivered to the primary care physician within 24 hours of discharge
We also encourage you to see IntegraNet Health’s Hospitalists and Inpatient Management Network.

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