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Our History

Founded by CEO Lawrence J. Wedekind in 1996, IntegraNet Health aims to change the way physicians care for patients. IntegraNet Health is one of Houston’s largest Independent Physician Associations with more than 1,600 primary care and specialty physician practices.

Our mission is to clinically and financially empower physicians to maximize the health and well-being of their patients. We aim to be an innovator within the healthcare delivery system and a revolutionary force in shaping new clinically relevant responses to the healthcare needs of the people we serve.

Our executive team is composed of thought leaders in both healthcare and business, who are committed to transforming the delivery of quality healthcare. Our executives are often featured as experts in the media as well as at industry events.

Please contact us for more details about joining our group of physicians, how your healthcare plan can become an IntegraNet Health-certified plan or to schedule a doctor appointment.