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For more information or details on a specific event, please click on ‘View Details’. For questions or concerns, please contact us at (832) 333-1900 or chwchs@integranethealth.com

INET Health & Wellness series is a series of health and community outreach events designed to address barriers to care and promote health and wellness for our most vulnerable patients. At each event, we will provide health screenings, address chronic care management, and share resources for socioeconomic support.

Providers can sign up for participation and/or to receive support for hosted HEDIS events by emailing chwchs@integranethealth.com or by clicking the link below. For optimum success, INET is asking that you designate a point person to assist with scheduling Assisting patients with scheduling appointments for these events helps to increase patient engagement and participation, which is essential for achieving high-quality care and improving population health.

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    Diabetes Awareness & Wellness Network

    6719 W. Montgomery Rd. Houston TX 77091

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    Where is the event happening?

    FALL into Wellness Health Fair Location TBD

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    Where is the event happening?

    INET HEDIS Event Location TBD