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Enhancing Patient Care Through Community Health Advocates

At IntegraNet Health, we are commited to revolutionizing healthcare delivery by placing patients and physicians at the forefront. Our innovative approach involves leveraging the expertise of Community Health Advocates (CHAs) as Patient Advocates to enhance patient quality of care. Our CHA Program contributes to improved health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

The Role of Patient Advocates

Bridging the Gap:

Our CHAs serve as vital bridges between healthcare organizations and the ommunities they serve. They understand the unique needs, challenges, and cultural contexts of patients, ensuring care that considers where and how people live.

Patient Advocacy:

Our patient advocates play a crucial role in empowering patients. They assist with:

  • Health Literacy Education: Ensuring patients understand their conditions, treatment options, and preventative measures.
  • Community Resources Assistance: Connecting patients to local resources such as food banks, housing programs, and transportation services.
  • Health Promotion and Coaching: Encouraging healthy behaviors and lifestyle modifications.

Patient Interaction:

Our CHAs engage with patients both in their homes and telephonically. This personalized approach fosters trust, encourages open communication, and ensures patients receive the right care.

Value-Added Services

Clinical Integration:

We seamlessly integrate care across various specialties, ensuring a holistic approach to patient well-being. Out CHWs collaborate with physicians, specialists, and other healthcare providers to optimize care coordination.

Proven Results

  • Patient Satisfaction: CHA programs increase patient satisfaction and trust in healthcare organizations. Our patient-centered approach fosters stronger connections with the communities we serve.
  • Reduced Hospitalizations: Studies show that CHWs can reduce hospital stays significantly, leading to better patient outcomes.
  • Cost Savings: Quality care translates to lower costs. By focusing on preventative measures and care coordination, we benefit both patients and health plan providers.

Join Us in Transforming Healthcare

At IntegraNet Health, we believe that quality care is a collaborative effort. Our CHAs exemplify this commitment, ensuring patients receive care that is timely, personalized, and effective. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative approach to healthcare delivery.

To refer a patient to our CHA Program, please complete a CHA referral.

A Case Manager will assign a Community Health Advocate to you and guide you through available home safety resources, one step at a time.

Language Assistance

If you speak any languages other than English, and need assistance with an authorization, language assistance services are available to you, free of charge. Call our CM Department at (281) 591-5289 or (888) 292-1923, TTY users 521 or (800) 982-1448.