New Claims System Update

As a physician representative, our goal is to reduce the administrate burden of participating with contracted health plans.

There are several advantages when partnering with IntegraNet Health:
  • No fee to participate in our physician network
  • IntegraNet has delegated credentialing for all of our Health Plan partners.  All credentialing is done in house with one credentialing cycle for all plans.
  • We use CAQH exclusively.  All credentialing is electronic, including contract signatures.  Currently not a CAQH user?  We will create an account for you.  This account can be used for all of your health plans that accept CAQH and is a free service to you.
  • We maintain all demographic information with IntegraNet’s Health Plans on your behalf.  When you notify IntegraNet of any change in demographics, licensure, etc., we will notify all participating plans.
  • Non-exclusivity  – you are not required to participate in all IntegraNet contract Health plans.


To begin the credentialing process, please contact our credentialing department at:

     [email protected] or complete the contact form by clicking here.

To begin the credentialing process for ancillary providers, please contact us at:

[email protected] or complete the contact form by clicking here